Don`t dream it, Be it!
Origen: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Well, maybe this is our attitude of living and the reason what motivates us to go ahead and drive our bicycles around the world.
That all of them only based on a funky crazy idea of me well this is another part of the ironic fortune of our life. But, it is a really dam good happening.
My name is: Mun Suk Wehrheim
maiden name: Kim
I was born in January 1969
in Gangneung, South Korea
in Germany I worked as:
Marketing Managerin, KOTRA, Frankfurt, Germany
I studied: Germanistik in Seoul, South Korea
We met us 1992 in Germany, Kassel. Both we where students in the University GHK in Kassel, I was in the lasts semesters for my architecture studies and Mun Suk came to Germany, only for two years, to approve her German skills. Well, actually now it's a little bit more than two years.
My name is: Eric Wehrheim
I was born in November 1962
in Bad Homburg, Germany
I studied: Architecture
in the University GHK Kassel, Germany
in Germany al last I worked as:
Project Manager, ECH, Wiesbaden, Germany
Contract Manager, Gleeds, Frankfurt, Germany
Countries we visited so far:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Faroer Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungaria, India, Indonesia, Island, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Nepal, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tasmania, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey
... yuo see, still some left.
Mun Suk:
and Eric:
34 Countries
45 Countries
Some words about the financial situation of a trip like this

Many times we got asked, how do we do this, such a long trip, how do we finance that? They suggested that we won in a lottery or that a rich ant had passed away or that our parents are multimillionaires. Well nothing of this is true and the true is, we only worked hard some years and saved our money, we didn't spend a lot in this time and before we started, we sold mostly of our stuff what we didn't need on this journey. 

Sponsors?!? Yes of course, and we are proud that we found some good sponsors. But if you think now, yeah with sponsors it's very easy to make a trip like this you are on the wrong side again. Only 4 to 5 % of our total costs is the amount what we got in material compensation from our sponsors. So with only the sponsor package our trip would have been very, very short and we would have been starving a lot.