(30.04.2005 - 31.05.2005)
Take up the thread of a tale

After our first bicycle tour from Germany to South Korea (1998-2000) we've got enough with bicycle riding. We thought that, even if we will do again a long travel tour in the later future, that must be a trip in a modest kind of travelling, like in a motor caravan or similar. Also we thought this will be happened only after a decade or more. But as the old wise man said: plans ever can be changed and don't be sure what you thinking. Also the time is healing the wounds and so after 5 years of working we got again the travel fewer. We were evaluating the possibilities and form of travelling but at the end, we came back to the bicycle because we figured out that this kind of travel is the ideal way of locomotion for us. So we said to us don't let us wait more time and go back on the road again.

So maybe you can figure out what is the sense of the subscription for our relation of travelling. The next step what we was thinking is, let us get the world round. From Europe over Africa to East Asia we've already travelled bike bicycle and so, more or less only the American continent was missed. Also my dream was it to visit again this marvellous continent of South America since I travelled there 15 years ago. But that we get these tours, our first from Germany to South Korea and now in South America, together we decided that we first will go to South Korea again to pick up the line of thought. Also we don't want to go to South Korea without any reason of cycling, so we arranged before with the officials from the Gangneung city a project to make cycling a little bit more popular. In South Korea nowadays all the people are riding there cars and only a few are riding bicycles. There exist some cycling sportive associations but ordinary people there don't think about to ride a bicycle to this was the target group for us and with together with some cyclist from the cycling clubs and with the support of the Gangneung city we started this small cycling project in the Gangneung city and the Gangwondo Province.
Start of our bicycle-ride project in Gangneung

Our project was accompanied by the local and the regional press and TV. In the TV they made a very nice report from us and this on the best broadcasting time at 08:00 pm, also there was a lot of press reports and some radio interviews. We hope that we could inspire some people to let the car and make some rides with the bicycle again.
Eric on tour

TV interview with Mun Suk

At all this were enough fun for us and the people who accompanied us on this cycling project. We met a lot of people and also it was a good exercise for our cycling tour in South America because we started again without any training in Germany, as in the old times before.
Another bicycle-ride project of us, June 2007 in Seoul

Then it was time to say goodbye and we packed all our stuff in five huge card boxes. Well to South Korea we arrived with 6 boxes of them but it was really necessary that we selected all unnecessary parts to get the overweight down. Our flight was over the USA so the flight regulations from the USA helped us a lot with our overweight because these regulations allowed for each person two-baggage items each 32 kg. Also for our overweight, we got one box more with 32 kg, these regulation helped us with a fixed price of around 180 US$. So we started relaxed at the 30th of Mai 2005 with our flight from Seoul to Buenos Aires, Argentina.