It is done. After more than 10 years now we've got the world round. We cycled with our bicycles around the whole globe, pedalling around 32.000 km and crossing by these 24 countries. But this rip we doesn't done it in one rush. It was a 2½ act project because we've made some lager stops on our world crossing tour to recover energy, money and spirit to complete this incredible mission. Regardless we didn't start to this tour with the tendency to make a whole world tour because the initial of this bicycle ride trip was just to make a 'visit of my parents in law'. Better to say that my wife originally comes from South Korea and their parents still living there; so indeed it wasn't just a short ride that we planned. We saddled on our bicycles in Germany at the 21st of July 1998 and started for a cycling tour with direction South Korea. But not to ride only on the 'normal' bicycle-globe-riders highway half around the earth we decided to make a shortcut over Africa too. At the 31st of October 1999 we arrived in Gangneung in South Korea with our bicycles and this was the so planned end of this World-Trip. But… yeah surely, once infected with a World-Trip-Virus and done only the half of his job, there is something in you that wants to be concluded. It took around 5 years for a totally brake out of the virus but then at the 30th of April 2005 we packed all our stuff together and flew back to South Korea. The destination now: "getting the world round with our bicycles".

It wasn't really necessary to go back to South Korea because before in 1999 we've already done a round trip with our bicycles there, but it was more to pick up the spirit for this trip. And also and in my opinion more important, we made a 'Bicycle-Project' there to get bicycle riding more popular in South Korea. So we organized together with the City of Gangneung a Bicycle-Riding-Project and cycled five days around in the area of Gangneung and one in the Capital of South Korea in Seoul. In 2000 and also in 2005 there were only a few people cycling in South Korea but now, after around four years you can notice that more and more people is doing sport now and hopefully our project has done a little bit also to afford this too.

At the 30th of May 2005 we flew than from South Korea to South America. This as the so called 2 act of our world trip took us from Buenos Aires down to Ushuaia and then back up to the north up to Lima. We crossed by this 3 times the Andes and were involved in two car accidents. At the 23rd of January 2007 we a short cut to flew back to Germany and also South Korea to make some important family visits. Then at the 23rd of July we returned to Lima were already our bicycles where waiting for us. By the rest up to Colombia, the so called 2½ act, we cycled from the coast dessert up to the Andes and down to the coast again. Also we made to visits deep into the Amazonian jungle and by them we visited the native tribe of the Saparas in the Ecuadorian Amazonian jungle. Finally we got the whole South America Andes counties cycled and at the 20th of April 2008 we flew back to Old Europe. But not only to flew back and said that was it, we've landed in Spain and from their, we cycled in a little bit of zick-zack thru France back to Germany where we arrived at the 14th of August 2008. No we've got the world round!

So, if you want to know more about our Bicycle-World-Tour trip just click on a flag above in the world map. Please notice that from our first act - from Germany to South Korea - there exist only a resume of the whole trip.